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everyone was screaming. >> a nightclub shooting leaves
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three people wounded. what we've learned from witnesses and police oak. oakland police working on crime. and a raceway reopens one week after an accident that killed a north bay teenager. . good evening, everyone. >> we begin with new developments in a nightclub shooting that left three people wounded. ktvu have confirmed the san fransisco entertainment commission has issued a 72-hour emergency suspension for nightclub 330 ritch after gunfire erupted at the club near at & t park. police are still looking for the shooters. we learn about the chaos and violence that sent club goers scrambling. >> reporter: the gunfire broke out just before 1:30 this morning at a nightclub in san
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fransisco, south of market. >> everybody was screaming, people running in and out, blood on the floor in the club. people falling and getting stepped on. >> reporter: it started with an argument inside the 330 ritch club. one man pulled a gun and fired. brittany williams ran outside and hid behind a car to avoid being shot. >> terrified. i have a child to go home to. this was a girl behind me what to do. i said i have no idea. >> reporter: three men were shot all from the east bay and police expect the victims to survive. after the initial gunfire inside the nightclub, this dispute spilled out into the street where more shots were fired. and what police described to me as a rolling gun battle continued to this parking lot a block away. this suv appeared to have had its windows blown out. a neighbor told me at least 20 shots were fired. >> i stayed down because i didn't know how close it was. i didn't know where it was.
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>> reporter: it's unclear if the people who were shot were the intended targets or simply innocent bystanders. >> i could not say at all if there was a specific motive that was planned or spontaneous violence. >> reporter: police know with a packed club a lot more people could have been hit. >> you can't, can't go out, you can't do anything. >> reporter: alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >>. in san leandro a man was shot to death during a robbery attempt. a police spokesman said the shooting happened on harbor way. a woman was unloading her car when she was approached by one of two suspects. the woman's sun in law came out of the -- son-in-law came out of the house to try to help her and one of the suspects shot and killed him. they drove off in a dark colored
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sedan. a long-time neighbor says she's never seen violence there. >> bikes, strollers, babies, dogs. >> surprised to hear this. >> sad, sad for the family. >> the 33-year-old victim lived in alameda and his name has not yet been released. this is that city's second homicide of the year. it is a story we've been following for months. oakland's ongoing battle with crime and the efforts to make the city safer. we have good news on crime stats and how citizens are stepping up to help police. >> reporter: oakland police chief says he's doing the best he has with what he has. one new tool is more officers out on the street. another is embedded in the neighborhood. inside this church, oakland's mayor addressed 75 people in an open forum about crime this
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morning. police chief howard jordan says his department has seen a shift in east oakland. shootings dropped nearly 30%, homicides but 42%. he pointed to the arrests three weeks ago with help of federal agents of 16 people and more than 20 search warrants targeting the east oakland pace gang. and to maintain this new found peace, 38 new police officers from yesterday's first academy graduation in four years. another vital tool, the community and its clergy. >> the one strength we have is they understand what it takes to police the city and we can't do it alone. >> law enforcement is not standing alone. >> reporter: this man is collaborating with the police department. they held their second meeting with gang members. gang members saw photos of some of those attending the first
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meeting and refused services to get off the street. >> this is what's going to happen to you if you don't. >> the violence is too much, it's got to stop, and if you don't stop, then the law enforcement will be able to do what they need to do in order to take you into custody. >> reporter: now, the chief says the forum held today allowed neighbors to meet the police officers assigned to their neighborhood. . a 12-year-old girl reported missing in lake county has been found safe. the lake county sheriff's office launched an extensive search for jennica frederick. her family reported her missing thursday night. today a family member said the 12-year-old showed up at his home in santa rosa safe and sound. happening now, cars are back on the track at marysville raceway north of sacramento a week after a crash that killed a north bay teenager. before the race started there was a moment of silence for two
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teens. a driver lost control and crashed into the pit area. some say this is what the fans and the drivers want. a deadly head-on crash shut down lanes in highway 84 for several hours. the highway patrol says a pickup collided with a car at 1915 killing one person. -- 9:15 killing one person. the coroner identified the victim as 46-year-old todd sure of hay ward. the highway fully reopened at about 2:20 this afternoon. san jose police are investigating this accident between a scooter and that santa clara county sheriff's patrol car. it happened at 12:30 this morning at west heading street in the alameda. investigators are trying to determine if one of the drivers ran a red light. two people on the scooter were hurt but their injuries are not
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serious. the deputy was not hurt. the manhunt continues for that san jose man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend across the street from san jose police headquarters. police believe this man, juan ramirez, fatally stabbed sandra cruzes gonzales. it happened at a fast food restaurant on north first street near downtown san jose. it's the city's tenth homicide of the year. ramirez may be headed to mexico in a dark green 1996 toyota t-100 pick-up. sheriff's deputies took in 600 guns, took them right off the street, including assault weapons. they sponsored a gun buyback. citizens turning in their guns received cash for a total payout of $62,000. today's byback the second this month was tied in with the unity
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day with encourages youth to turn in guns and gang related items. a man convicted of three managers at his work police was legally sane at the time of that shooting. 52-year-old jing hua wu was convicted of first degree murder two weeks ago. the jury found him sane. prosecutors argued that wu killed the three executives because he was angry over being fired. the mayor says a deal has been reached to keep the sacramento kings in the capital city. the mayor tweeted "it's a great day in sacramento" as he announced a public private partnership to build a new arena. bay area multimillionaire mark mastroff who will contribute $190 million to build the
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facility. the city has pledged $258 million. the deal would keep the kings in sacramento for 35 years. the city council and the nba need to approve the plan. the kings' owners have agreed on a deal that would send the team to seattle. our continuing coverage on the federal budget and the senate barely passed its first budget today in four years. >> the $3.7 trillion budget passed this morning by one vote, almost complete aalong party lines. the budget contains about a trillion in tax hikes over the next 10 years and trims $875 billion in spending. but it slashes much less than the budget passed by the house. the next fiscal battle is anticipated in july when president obama will likely ask congress for increased borrowing power. there is a meeting between
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pope francis and his predecessor today. the new pope met pope emeritus benedict. benedict has been living at the papal summer palace since retiring last month. the vatican says benedict gave pope francis a pledge of obedience. observers say there's to show there is no power struggle inside the catholic church. the two prayed together and then they had a private meeting and lunch. president obama has just arrived back in washington tonight from a four-day trip to the mid-east. the president got a chance to be a tourist at the an sent city of pitra in jordan. this is the most popular tourist attraction in jordan. president obama made his first visit to israel on this trip. cities around the bay area had mark earth hour by dimming lights on public buildings in two hours.
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it begins at 8:30 tonight. the bay bridge as you can see in this picture along with the golden gate bridge and san fransisco city hall will go dark. san fransisco was named the earth hour capital for 2013 for the city's efforts to use renewable energy and protect the environment. cities around the world marked earth hour by switching off lights. a hong kong skyline went dark and in sidney the lights on the harbor bridge went off for an hour to raise awareness about climate change. he shot my child. >> a dramatic 911 call after a shooting that killed a little 13-month-old. the message the mother had for the killer. also, using fake victims to train for a real emergency. the drill today in one contra costa county city. mild weather remains over the bay area at this hour. coming up, what you can expect
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for this evening and the warmer weather expected tomorrow. and what nasa is now saying about a bright streak of light seen across the east coast sky.
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. some oakland hills residents got a frightening wake-up call this morning. a tree fell on this tree on oakwood drive in mont claire. the 75 foot high tree hit the car. it blocked traffic for a time. no word on what caused the tree to fall. no one was hurt. in oakland the search is on tonight four the driver who fatally struck a pedestrian and then drove off. police say the man was walking in the 5300 block of foothill boulevard near cole street when he was hit.
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the victim is from emeryville. no suspect or vehicle description that is been released. dozens of searchers fanned out during a training exercise. the rescuers focused on one of the best tools at their disposal: their search dogs. >> i'm ready for your plan. >> reporter: on a hill side for ten victims, helped train volunteers for a real life emergency. the scenario, a small plane crash. >> we need significant transport litter. >> you need a stokes basket transport. >> reporter: 18 dogs and 40 volunteers took part. the exercise is put on by the california search and rescue association. >> the dog handlers, the crews come out, locate the casualties, provide treatment and evacuation. >> reporter: one of the reasons for the drill is to make the experience more realistic for
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searchers and dogs. >> the rescuers don't see this type of thing a lot, thankfully. when the real thing does happen they're ready for it. >> reporter: handler karen atkinson had omega hook for victims hidden in trees. >> it keeps him sharp and they love to work. >> that a girl! nice job! >> somebody hurt? >> reporter: organizers say trainings like this make searchers more effective. >> you have the most competent teams searching for your children if they got lost. . san fransisco firefighters say an early morning fire may have been deliberately set. crews got to the southern pleasures california grill on commercial street at 2:15 this morning. you can see the thick smoke rising into the office buildings above. investigators are trying to figure out if this is linked to
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vandalism. miss may have a person in custody but a spokesperson would not confirm the information. activists gave training on how to protest. the keystone xl pipeline. a few dozen gathered at the federal building on 7th street to take part of the training. if approved by the obama administration the pipeline would carry oil from alberta, canada, to refineries in the midwest and on the gulf coast. the president is scheduled to visit san fransisco on april 3rd. police in southeast georgia today released 911 calls from the morning a 13-month-old child was shot and killed. >> somebody shot this child. >> they're coming, ma'am. >> she has him on the ground. we need help. >> 17-year-old de-marcus elkins and a 14-year-old boy have been charged with murder. the baby's mother says she was walking near her home in brunswick when the teens approached her and demanded money.
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when she told them they didn't have them the older teen shot her in the leg and her son antonio in the head. >> you killed an innocent human life. and i hope you die for it. >> police are still searching for the gun. authorities say they have evidence that elkins shot the child. a display board has been removed identical to the one that fell and killed a boy. a 300 board fell on him and his family. his mother is in critical condition and two brothers were as hurt. the airport terminal had reopened weeks ago after a $200 million remodelling. saplings from a tree that gave hope to ann frank will be planted in the u.s. including one here in the bay area.
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she wrote about the chestnut tree that grew outside the house where she was hidden in amsterdam. saplings were sent overseas. the young trees will be planneded in ceremonies next month. it felt like spring today. let's get a check on your forecast with rosemary. >> i have a feeling we'll see a repeat of this nice day tomorrow. outside our days right now the sun is still shining. about an hour or so, including the official sunset around 7:25 these days. live look if our roof cam, still a beautiful afternoon and as we get into the evening hours to do sailing or boating. we have calm conditions out there and still 68 degrees in walnut creek, 70 in antioch. nice and mild for you today,
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still about 70 degrees. mid-60s napa, 66 santa rosa, san jose mid-60s for you. in the evening hours we had cool down. mostly clear skies. very dry air in place at this point and so i expect our temperatures will plummet once again. i'll show you those numbers in a moment. here's storm tracker 2 and the ridge of high pressure in place. it will strengthen over the next 24 hours than will drive our temperatures up just a little bit and we'll keep that storm track to the north. so for your sunday we are dry. we are eventually going to see the possibility of rain. we have a great weekend in store and then perhaps a little bit of rain as we get into mid-week. let me show you what happens here. picking it up right now, a few high clouds in the forecast for this evening. tomorrow more of the same, temperatures slightly warmer high clouds but quiet. sunday afternoon. but monday the clouds begin to increase. the ridge of high pressure over us begins to break down much the onshore breeze returns so a subtle cool down for monday. the storm track moving closer to
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us and by tuesday afternoon a mix of clouds and moisture entering california. so by tuesday night into wednesday we may actually get a little bit of rain. between now and then we have a great forecast for the rest of your weekend as we get into the 7:00 hour, upper 50s to low 60s. by 8:00 the sun has moved on and into the evening hours, 50s for your evening, and then into 10:00, upper 40s to about 50 degrees. we start tomorrow morning if you're out and about early on upper 30s in the forecast for our inland spots, widespread 40s around the bay, low 70s for napa, around the bay area widespread 60s, 68 in fremont, a look at your extended forecast here mostly sunny skies, and enjoyable forecast for the sunday. monday, high clouds, slight cooldown, tuesday night into wednesday, a chance for rain and it will linger into thursday as
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well. >> just like spring should be. >> absolutely. >> thank you. nasa says a bright streak of light seen across the east coast skies last night appears to be a meteor. a delaware security camera captured this rare cosmic event. it was seen from florida to new england with 350 people reporting it to the american meteor society. whether the cal women lived up to president obama's march madness expectations. and a big race tomorrow in the east bay.
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. the oakland mariott was buzzing with activity as people got ready for the running festival tomorrow. the annual event includes a marathon, a half marathon, a 5k race and a kids' fun run. for all the details go to and click on hot topics. >> should be a great day for that. also a great day for basketball and lots of it happening today. >> cal has two teams still going on. the cal men playing in the second round of the ncaa
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tournament tonight against syracuse. the cal women had their first round, against fresno state. in his bracket, president obama picked the bears to go all the way. cal led by 7 at the half thanks to this effort by boyd to beat the buzzer from 3-point range. the bears outrebounded the bull dogs 51-28. they keep the offense alive on the boards, brandon gets the hoop. five bears in double figures with boyd leading the way with 21. she was one assist shy of a triple and double. they win and advance. johnny dockins team taking on alabama and tuscaloosa in the second round. that was the only hoop for wiwell who was 1 of 6.

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